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Covid UK: How does the ‘garlic breath test’ work and how does it help prevent the spread?

How does the garlic breath test work and why is it important in the battle against the spread of Covid?

Dr Tang and the author of a new study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), stressed that Governments and health leaders should “focus their efforts on airborne transmission”.

Dr Tang told Sky News: “So the message ‘hands, face, space’, we think should be really ‘space, space, hands’.

“The way this virus transmits is really through conversational distance, within one metre.

“When you’re talking to a friend or sharing the same air as you’re listening to your friend talking, we call it the garlic-breath distance.

“So if you can smell your friend’s lunch, you’re inhaling some of that air as well as any virus that’s inhaled with it.

“And this is why we say that masking is fine, social distancing is fine, but the indoor airborne environment needs to be improved and that can be done with ventilation.”

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